Raden Rupa Kenca dan Kencaka Rupa , dan isteri prabu Matsapati Dewi Rekatawati , adalah anak-anak dari Palasara dengan Dewi Durgandini, yang terjadi dari birahi Raden Palasara saat mengobati penyakit bau amis yang ada ditubuh Dewi Durgandini. Ketika obat tersebut dibuang kelaut , bersama sperma Raden Palasara. maka dimakan oleh ikan dan beberapa penghuni laut tersebut.

Goa Kiskenda

Goa Kiskenda adalah sebuah goa besar yang didalamnya berbentuk seperti istana. Goa Kiskenda merupakan tempat tinggal Maesasura dan Lembusura, dua makluk kakak beradik, berbadan manusia berkepala binatang
yang memiliki kesaktian luar biasa. Rakyat Goa Kiskenda merupakan beraneka macam hewan ganas. Maesasura dan Lembusura memimpin kerajaan itu dengan sewenang-wenang. Kesaktian yang mereka miliki sangat luar biasa dahsyat. More


In the wayang kulit/leather-puppet performance the name of Prabu Matsyapati or Durgandana, the King of Wiroto is famous. He appears oftenly in the story. He was the son of Basukiswara, a just and powerful king of Cedhiwiyasa. As a result of his strong self-denial and serious and sincery Samadhi (meditation) god Indra bestowed on him five magical things:

1. a golden chariot like the one belonged to a god, which could take him anywhere he wanted to go, fastly and comfortably.
2. A heirloom which made him a winner in every battle.
3. A string of flowers of lotus, which could not fade away. It made his body could not be wounded by anykind of weapon.
4. A piece of bamboo. He could make spiritual contact with Dewa/god in his Samadhi.
5. He could speak with animals.


The Pendawa wished to build their own kingdom outside the boundary of Hastina, as a way to avoid conflicts with their Korawa cousins. The new site was the jungle of Wanamarta. Consequently they started to cut some trees.

The king/Prabu Arimba of Pringgadani disliked the Pendawa. He wanted to take revenge of his father Prabu Kala Tremboko’s death, who had been killed in a battle by Pandu, the Pendawa’s father.

He ordered his brothers to attack and kill Pendawa. Arimbi, his younger sister was against his idea, she said that Pendawa were not guilty. Arimbi, a giant-woman, she was strong and had supernatural power. She argued her other brothers not to harm the good Pendawa. Upon seeing Bratasena, the biggest man of the Pendawa, she started to fall in love with him. Arimba was very angry to her.

Pancala / Cempala

The beauty of Dewi Gandawati was famous also to other kingdoms. Many ksatrias had proposed to marry her. To be fair, as in accordance with ancient tradition, Pancala Kingdom had to organize a contest. Whoever could defeat Prince Gandamana, he should be the husband of Gandawati. More


The kings of Mandura Kingdom were descendants of the king of Ayodya. Prabu Basuketi was the son of Prabu Rama Batlawa, a king of Ayodya, the son of Rama and Sinta.

Basuketi had a son Prabu Kuntiboja who had five children: Dewi Sruta, Prabu Basudewa, Dewi Kuntitalibrata, Raden Harya Rukma and Raden Harya Ugrasena.

Dewi Sruta, married to Prabu Damagosa the King of Magada. They had a son, Prabu Sisupala who was extremely arrogant, since his childhood Sisupala always boasted himself as a very rich knight and had a big power. He had a habit to insult others including Kresna, who was his cousin. Kresna respecting his aunt Dewi Sruta, had always restrained toward Sisupala’s arrogancy. Once he told Dewi Sruta that he should give a lesson to Sisupala if he insulted Kresna in front of 100 persons.


The story of Mandaraka Kingdom dated back with its first king, Prabu Sriyati, who was the son of a famous Resi Manumayasa (see Kingdom of Wirata). Prabu Salya or Narasoma was the driver of Karna’s chariot in the battle against Arjuna in Baratayuda. The driver of Arjuna’s chariot was Kresna. Salya’s heart was in favor of Pandawa, but he was cheated by Sengkuni in such a way that put him in the side of Korawa. More


The courtiers of Maespati were the descendants of god Ismaya. The family lineage was: god/Hyang Ismaya – H. Surya – H. Karaba – H. Dewangkara – H. Dewasana – King Heriya and Resi Wisanggeni and Resi Yamadagni.

The famous figure in Maespati was Prabu Arjuna Sasrabahu, the great King, the incarnation of Wisnu. He was wise, clever and Sakti (had strong supernatural power). His famous Patih/first minister was Bambang Sumantri or Patih Suwanda. He was the son of Resi Wisanggeni, a wise and Sakti hermit. He had also a Sakti small giant brother, Bambang Sukrasana. Resi Yamadagni was the brother of Resi Wisanggeni and King Heriya, he was also a reputable priest with high knowledge. More


As told in Ramayana, King Danaraja or Danapati, was a brilliant, charming and wise man as a result of his father’s education since his early childhood. Wisrawa himself he was a respected King, doing a lot for the welfare of Lokapala people. When the time came, he went to retreat and lived as an ascetic and Danaraja became a King. More


King Darmamuka of the Kingdom of Kasi or Gyantipuro or Srawantipuro had three lovely daughters: Amba, Ambika and Ambalika. Many kings and ksatrias of different Kingdoms wished to marry these ‘flowers’ of Kasi. These proposals had made happy Darmamuka but on the other side made him giddy too. He was put in a delicate position, where he had to accept without hurting those rejected ones.


In the wayang world, many prominent figures such as kings, queens, warriors, priests/ascetics (Resi, Begawan, Wiku) were the children or the descendants of gods. In the ancient Javanese legends, god Guru himself and his brothers and sons had descended in Java and built the first kingdoms of ancient Java in several places. No wonder they had strong supernatural power (sakti) and were able to do miracles. Betara Guru was the first king of Medang Kamulan, his name was Sri Raja Mahadewabuda. (Medang Kamulan means a place where people worship the Holy Creator who has created the beginning of life) More


Prabu Kresna was one of the most famous figure in the world of wayang. Since his childhood he had to live in a small village and carried a simple life after the kingdom of Mandura was occupied by a giant Kangsa.

It was not too heavy for him to accomplish his tasks as he was an incarnation of Wisnu. He learned seriously the traditional spiritual knowledge from some prominent Gurus, among other, his mentor-Demang Antagopa of Widarakandang and Resi Kapi Jembawan a monkey-hermit from Padepokan (retreat) Gadamadana. More


The King of Ayodya, Prabu Banapati had 2 sons, the eldest was Prabu Banaputra who succeeded his father as King of Ayodya. The younger, Begawan Rawatmeja, who dedicated himself to religious life and became Begawan / Resi (a priest, wise man, ascetic)

King Banaputra was very sad because his beloved pretty daughter Dewi Kausalya, was sick, paralyzed for quite a long time. No doctor could cure her so far. The King then made a vow, anybody who could cure his suffering daughter, should become her husband.


Avoiding worse conflicts with their Korawa cousins and honoring the position of their uncle, Destarata as the ruler of Hastinapura. Pendawa had built their own kingdom of Amarta or Indrapasta with Yudistira as the king, assisted by a strong team of wise experts, consisted of his brothers and nephews. In necessity, Kresna, the wise and brilliant king of Dwarawati, a man with sharp vision was always available for advice and help. The obedient and clever servants-the Ponokawans-Semar, Gareng, Petruk and Bagong served Amarta with total loyalty. More


The first founder of Alengka Kingdom was a giant – King Banjaranjali
Dasamuka, the ogre-King giant was powerful, selfish, looking only for power. In Javanese teaching he represents the lust of Anger (Amarah)
The other lusts are:
· Greedy for food (Aluamah) illustrated by Kumbakarna
· Greedy for material wealth (Supiyah) illustrated by Sarpakenaka
· Have no spirit / willingness (Mutmainah) illustrated by Wibisono


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